Saturday morning we got up early to observe the deer of Le Creux-de-Terre in Chavornay. As we watched a few from afar, a walker frightened them and a couple of deer fled in our direction. We hadn’t anticipated this and were therefore not well hidden. Just enough time to photography them (1st photo) and they fled in another direction.

This meeting made me want to go back to observe the deer, but this time with camouflage clothes in order to try to get closer to the animals. So on Saturday evening I go back to the field and took pictures of several deer in different places (pictures 2 and 3) Shortly before 8pm, when it gets dark, I lie in the grass watching a group of deer, one of them approaches me from the left, first without realizing my presence.

Then suddenly he sees me and starts trotting in my direction. I suppose he saw something unusual but didn’t recognize a human being. His curiosity brought him within five meters of me! Unfortunately the grain is very noticeable on the pictures, beacause due to the low luminosity I had to increase the sensitivity to ISO 6400 at the expense of quality.