Two weeks ago, my wife and I met an enthusiast who talked about the famous Adonis of Spring (Adonis vernalis) of Charrat were to flower soon. As the weekend promised to be rainy and we did not want to miss them, I took a day off on Friday and I did not regret it.

The spring adonis is a protected species because it is endangered. It is also a very toxic plant, as it contains an alkaloid, adonidine, whose lethal dose is 0.6 g for a man. At low doses it is used in natural medicine especially in cases of mild heart failure or irregular heartbeat. It can also be used for cramps, fever and menstrual disorders.

This plant therefore interests us for several reasons: for its beauty, its rarity as well as for its therapeutic properties. I take this opportunity to put a link to the website of my wife Sandra, who is a graduate reflexologist and who is currently completing her naturopathic training: (french and german). She practices in a cabinet in Lausanne, do not hesitate to contact her via her website.